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Spring Newsletter

Happy Spring! How are you doing?  It’s hard to believe that over a month has passed since the whole world has been able to relate to one another in a very unique way…Our businesses and guiding community here in the Rocky Mountains have temporarily closed their doors in response to the global pandemic. As guidelines continue to develop to […]

Winter Newsletter

Winter is Beautiful! A friend once asked me: “what is the point of snowshoeing?” …instead of selling her on my convictions and excitement, I took her “hiking in winter”. We dressed for the weather, packed a hot tea and lunch, animal tracking guide just for fun. After we strapped a pair of snowshoes on our winter boots, […]

When We Pray, Shift Happens

Sometimes we get hurt – life gets real – disappointing – plans changed to postponed…. It’s easy to say “gotta stay positive – persevere – brush off and pick up where we left off…” This is a journey of a life temporarily altered and beyond…and how thankful I am – that an incident had changed it […]

Art Therapy Ideas for Teen Recovering Drug Addicts

Last Updated: Jul 09, 2015 | By Jaime Budzienski Teen painting in a field Photo Credit Andrey Burmakin/iStock/Getty Images Teens recovering from drug addiction often benefit from art therapy, which has been used at treatment centers since the early 1900s. Creating art allows teens to express what’s going on in their minds — and helps […]

Babský Čunder po pohorí Braniska

Ďalša fun akcia s dievčatami z Hniezda, Relevant n.r.o. z Prešova. Počas 3 letných dní sme mali možnosť spoznávať krásne pohorie Branisko, ale aj seba, naše hodnoty a tiež užit si čas na seba-reflexiu. Ďakujeme Bojovníčky!    

Jeden Deň v Lanovom Centre

Posúvanie hraníc a prekonávanie strachu si mohli zaujímavou formou vyskúšať dievčatá z Hniezda v jedno piatkové popoludnie. Dňa 15.05.2015 sme absolvovali zliezanie prekážok v Lanovom centre OUTDOOR Park Prešov na Sídlisku III. Na prvý pohľad „malina“, na druhej strane vo výške 10 metrov nad zemou, istení lanami, karabinami…zrazu zistíte, ako veľmi si vážite vlastný život […]