Good for the Soul

Add an extra value to your experience!

As we hike, we are invited to gain a new perspective. We come to a realization that there is more in us than we thought. On our Good for the Soul hikes we intentionally start with a thought, challenging our minds to find space to reflect…to rest….to restore…

We believe that so much self-growth and discovery happens outside, in the wilderness – as we hike, sit by the river, breathe fresh air. As we hike, we also find space to reflect, share, let go, perhaps gain a new perspective…

Treat yourself with the perfect combination of adventure, self-discovery and relaxation by in the forests of St. Francis Retreat Centre or the mountainous trails of Kananaskis Country.

Join us on a 5 day series of reflection / meditation walks, as we dive deeper and let our hearts and feet be grounded in who we are. ‘Take time to be still, take time to a become…’


To “Saunter” means to wander and walk in a slow and relaxed manner. It comes from the french phrase, “a la Sainte Terre” – “to the holy land” – which reminds us that all of our steps are on holy ground.

The following themes accompanied with a personal contemplative reflection will hopefully enhance your walking experience.

  • Walking Reflection #1: The Present Moment
  • Walking Reflection #2: Live the Questions
  • Walking Reflection #3: Embrace Your Pace
  • Walking Reflection #4: The Ancient Way
  • Walking Reflection #5: The Good, True & Beautiful


Our desire to Connect has never been more evident than in the past year…we invite you to connect – with one another, yourself, your Creator –  the Lover of your Soul.

It’s time to ground in God, walk with Love, slow down and pay attention to what’s most true and liberating for your soul.

  • Walking Meditation #1: In God I Live & Move
  • Walking Meditation #2: Holding My Worry with God
  • Walking Meditation #3: Embrace God’s Pace
  • Walking Meditation #4: The Ancient Way Home
  • Walking Meditation #5: The Trees Will Clap

Dates and Times : Mondays @ 09:00 AM (spring/fall);  09:30 AM (winter)

Length: 2 hours

Location: St. Francis Retreat Centre, Cochrane, AB or Kananaskis Country (depending on the chosen location, we either meet in Canmore, Cochrane or another designated trailhead)

Your Investment: $225 (for all 5 walks);  50/drop in

Group size: Min 2 people

Reflections developed by Christa Hesselink of Soul Play.

Feel free to visit MOUNT ENGADINE LODGE for more info…