Lodge-Based Retreats

Heart to Heart Retreat

We are so excited to have you join us for The Heart to Heart Women’s Retreat.

This is your time of rest, self-discovery and adventure – come and see what God has in store for you (trust us, it’s a lot!)

The Centre of Outdoor Education is nestled in a beautiful and remote area of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, near the hamlet of Nordegg, AB.

Our goal for you this weekend is to take time away from life’s busy rhythm to slow down, process who you are and where you’re headed. The theme is “Identity” which we will look at through directed journaling, an art-therapy session (no experience required), and time out exploring in nature. Together we will discuss what is holding us back from who we were created to be and learn how to grow & heal in a small, safe community of women. 

This weekend you will be able to refocus, be encouraged, and have new tools to live from your full, God-given identity with a healthier outlook on life, and the ability to better process what life throws your way. We hope you also find support and connection in your time together. We believe we grow, heal & learn best not in isolation, but in relationship both with God and each other. 

Exploring God’s purpose and pursuit of our hearts has been a passion of ours to share with other women, and we are grateful to embark on the journey with one another. We are excited to grow together, as we understand more of who we are.

We can’t wait to meet each of you! You are fearfully and wonderfully made  – and God has new hope & wonderful things in store for you!

So seize the day, lighten your load, and take care of yourself while immersing yourself in a beautiful creation made for us to enjoy!


Katka & Tessa

To live for the urge to explore and experience the world around us, we find ourselves at a point of needing to seek further… to realize that there is more in us than we think…to reach new highs, to all the sudden measure contentment or success by what is within or those around us. 

That’s when we Grow; that’s when we start to Live to the fullest.

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