Price List

Wilderness Therapy

  • half-day (4 hours) of wilderness therapy activities (nature hike included) – 40 Eur
  • all day (10 hours) of wilderness therapy activities (nature trek included) – 100 Eur
  • Min 3 People – max 8 People (1:4)


  • all day (cca 8 hours) – 90 Eur
  • Max 3 People (1:3)

Price includes pre-trip consultation, wilderness first aid and your daily insurance


“I was privileged to be on the launch trip for Skala. It was amazing few days filled with nature, views out of this world, firm friendships and closeness with God and His creation. All I can say is if you are reading this thinking ‘this is what I need to do’, get in contact, because I know that it will be a life changing and unforgettable experience that you will not forget for the rest of your life-I know I won’t. Love and blessing to all who read this.”

(Kelly, Skala participant, June 2007)

“Personally, I came away from Skala’s wilderness therapy program re-inspired and re-energized to be in God’s hands and feet in my own community. I have never before experienced anything quite like this program.”

(Georgie, Skala participant, June 2007)

“Skala is an amazing program which I believe people will not only get an insight into the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canada but also into themselves. It benefited me with more knowledge of nature and how to treat it but also a deeper understanding of how to live out my life”

(Grace, Skala participant, June 2007)

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