A Contemplative Reflection Backpacking Retreat

You are worth it, you are significant, most of all, beloved….Do you constantly or even occasionally doubt yourself? Have you been hard on those around you or been keeping up with a battle of your mind? Have felt insignificant, but needed more than to “feel” your worth? 

We invite you to join us on this journey of re-focus and re-discovery of Who You Are. What your purpose is. Take home some tools to encourage you, to strengthen you, to empower you as the Daughter of the One who made us.

The purpose of our faith-based wilderness programs is to provide an opportunity for you to experience you value and worth, to experience physical and emotional restoration and freedom by connecting you to the source of life through the One who made us. We choose to go to the Wilderness – using it as a platform- providing connection to others, yourself, the Creator.

You are invited to choose to renew this relationship to empower you toward your purpose, your identity, your restoration as His worthy, loved, significant one.

Our goal for the next few days is to challenge you a little with some new backpacking skills and some new ones you are ready to learn   A small group size will offer a safe learning environment to cover what it means to be safe while traveling in the backcountry – Leave No Trace principles, thermoregulation, navigation techniques, risk management/animal safety, backcountry meals or overnight gear…You will even learn a cool survival skill worthy of showing off and making your scouting kids jealous!

August 10-13 (meet – evening of the 10th)


$590 CAD/ person/ 3.5 days

(2 nights camping in the wilderness / 1 night camping at a local ranch)

In order for the trip to go ahead, 3 or more people need to be registered.

Please contact us for private group rates.

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Alberta




Day 0 – meeting at 4PM at Rafter Six Ranch.

  • discussing our equipment in order to see if we have all necessary gear for our adventure; learn how to pack your backpack for the next few days, getting rid of unnecessary stuff and keeping the layers to keep warm and dry; camping at the ranch. Bonding time.

Day 1: Rafter Six – Upper Kananaskis Lake Trailhead – Forks Campsite

  • today we carpool to our trailhead for over 1hour, and we can start enjoying the Kananaskis Country from the car, until the start of our trailhead – Upper Kananaskis Lake.  We begin hiking along the Upper Kananaskis Lake to our destination – the Forks campsite. Today we cover and refresh the basics of safe and fun backcountry travel (including animal safety), map reading, set-up our first camp by the peaceful Upper Kananaskis river.
  • exploration and reflection activity keep us active today, delicious meal awaits in the evening.

Day 2 – Forks Campsite – Three Isle Lake – Forks Campsite

  • after hearty breakfast, we head over with light day packs and explore the surrounding valley out of tree line, with scenic views opening up high and wide
  • we set off to a beautiful mountain lake called  – Three Isle Lake (2175m.).  Distance 10.2km. Elevation gain 525m
  • lots of learning, reflection and exploring today!

Day 3 – Forks Campsite – Upper Kananaskis Lake Trailhead

  • today we return to civilization, even though we probably won’t feel like leaving this area just yet. We hike from Forks Campground along the Upper Kananaskis River valley to the Upper Kananaskis Lake, soaking in the last few hours of the K-country. Distance 7 km. Elevation loss 100m


  • certified wilderness guide
  • backcountry camping permit, camping at a local ranch
  • group gear: tents, cooking gear, filtration system, group first aid kit, bear spray, water treatment
  • variety of hearty and delicious meals, group dinner on day 1 – lunch on day 3
  • pre-trip support to help you be prepared for your wilderness journey
  • backcountry travel ethics and wilderness safety education
  • reflection time of contemplative/personal development activities supporting your experience / group debrief sessions
  • accommodation: ranch camping – day 0, backcountry camping days 1-3


  • transportation to the trailhead – due to the Alberta Health and Safety restrictions, we encourage carpooling only within your cohort group
  • Kananaskis Country Park Vehicle Pass (effective as of June 1, 2021) / your choice of a yearly pass ($90), or a daily pass ($15/day).
  • personal gear – please let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to arrange a gear rental for you
  • supper on the last day
  • personal expenses/air fares
  • travel insurance
  • tips – appreciated


Feel free to check off the recommended Skala Adventures Multi-Day Gear List.


Your trip information package will be sent out after the electronic registration (personal and health information for the guides to get to know you better).

Please note, part of the registration will be an electronic waiver, which must be read and agreed to prior to your payment. The paper format of release of liability and waiver and the Declaration of Health and Exposure form will also be required once we meet in person. To minimize contact, you can print them out before the trip.