Slovakia – Europe’s Little Secret

This country offers many hidden cultural, as well as natural treasures. Whether you want to re-connect with your roots via traditional folklore, or explore many mountain ranges offering wide vistas, we hope to create a package of experience you won’t forget. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides are happy to challenge you on our classic mountain trails or invite you to soak in one of many hot spring spas.

Slovakia is a popular country for many adventures. Small, but beautiful mountain regions of High Tatras, or Low Tatras offer activities such as: hiking, climbing, skiing, or caving just to name a few. Other popular national parks such as Velka Fatra, or Mala Fatra are known and famous of its ridge traverses, where you can enjoy going light while sleeping in huts and still enjoy the wide vistas of Slovakian wild and historic places.

HIGH TATRAS National Park

POLONINY National Park

VELKA FATRA National Park

MALA FATRA National Park

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