Wilderness Therapy

Why Wilderness Therapy?

  • Wilderness Therapy is an experienced based approach utilizing nature, small group interaction and therapeutic programming to facilitate positive change.
  • The natural environment provides an opportunity to experience and explore.
  • At Skala, we hope to provide a safe environment for expression, reflection and learning, so that individuals can apply their experiences to their every day life.
  • We believe that so much self-growth and discovery happens outside, in the wilderness – under the stars, along the river, around the campfire.  We hike in the wilderness for one or multiple days. We organize programs that are suitable for individual groups, meeting them where they are at – providing thematic experiences, in respect to self-discovery (self-esteem, relationships, communication, etc…).
  • Providing a new adventure in life, learning about our roots and restoring relationships is what Skala is all about. Allow us to take you on self-discovery wilderness journey, meeting you where you are at.
  • We offer experiential based programming, where guests can participate in day or multi-day hiking, as well as simple team-building/team spirit activities. These elements are believed to be just a tool to strengthening relationships, communication, self-esteem or trust.
  • We also focus on what it means to be safe while traveling in the backcountry (learning about Leave No Trace principles, thermoregulation, navigation techniques, risk management, nutrition…)

Let’s champion mental health together – by connecting to ourselves, each other and the natural environment around us.

Join us on a life changing journey as we re-focus, restore and rest our Body, Mind and Spirit.